How to write a great blog?

A blog is the simplest and the most effective way of putting across what you wish to say – about your enterprise, your product, your ideas and everything and anything you want to communicate. The good thing with blogs is that they allow for a lot of creativity and flexibility and is a wonderful medium to promote your brand. A blog does not have a space limit or a word limit. You can integrate videos and images, play around with font, colors, backgrounds, etc and make it your personal space. Especially if it’s for your enterprise, you can make the look and feel of it very close to your brand’s image and make the most of the blogging space.

But how do you write a great blog? What is it that will help you catch the attention of your target audience? Below are some of the tips on blog writing that will help you on the way:

  1. Keep the writing style intact

Writing style is very important when it comes to blogging. Your readers get used to your way of writing and do not appreciate it when it changes. Basically, it means that one person should maintain the instead of too many contributing to it. If there have to be more than one writer, then categorize the posts as per the writer. So that the reader knows who’s writing what!

  1. Be frequent

A blog that hasn’t been update in months is not where readers will flock. Keep posting useful and relevant content on your blog at short, regular intervals. Once a week is good enough but try to keep it at one post in 3 days.

  1. Categorize your posts

Categorizing your posts is essential so that the readers can navigate through your blog easily. It also helps in giving a flow to the blog and makes it neater and more attractive to the readers.

  1. Make it search engine friendly

Ensure that your blog is not just images and videos but text as well to make it search engine friendly. Keep your content fresh and new along with keeping it accessible.

  1. Use images

Images make your post look complete. It enhances the look and meaning of the post.

  1. Promote

Make optimum use of the social media. Publicize your each and every blog post on all our social media platforms. This will fuel the number of hits on your blog.

  1. Keep it simple and fresh

Keep the content easy to understand and neatly formatted. The content should be new and not copied from elsewhere.

Follow these tips and keep the blog open for comments and interaction. A steady effort will help you gain the visibility that you are seeking.

Here’s how you can cut costs and still be a winner!

Being an entrepreneur, you have to become a one man army on many occasions. To start with, you would not have enough resources to hire a dedicated person for each and every organizational function. It is a common sight in most small and medium organizations that many functions are carried out by the entrepreneur himself or someone who’s main job description does not include that function.

For example, many small enterprises do not have an HR person. Some do not have an IT department and some may not have administration staff or a marketing team or a finance department. Almost no startup ever has a legal team! In most cases, small enterprises outsource the work from a freelancer or a specialist so as to be able to manage the work in the least possible expense. It makes more sense to ‘hire’ services as and when required instead of bearing the cost of having an internal resource.

But isn’t that what a small enterprise all about? Cost cutting and efficient use of resources is what makes a small enterprise sustain. Imagine if you could use a software to manage all your organization’s functional requirements! Wouldn’t that be great?

While for a department like legal, HR, It, etc you do need human resources or a specialist who understands the subject (because there can be situations when a non-specialist may not know the way out) but for a subject like accounting, there are softwares that can be operated by someone who may not have thorough accounting knowledge. This would not only save the cost of having a specialized person in-house but also keep all the records available at the click of the mouse for you to see.

Credit note, debit note, sales receipts, payments, incomes, vouchers, etc can be managed with a user friendly, easy-to-operate software which can be used by anybody who knows how to use a computer! Such is the bizKontrol software that lets you manage the accounting operations very simply, without any   hassles and also keeps a tab on your inventory level for every SKU. So once the inventory level of a particular product goes below a minimum level, you are given an intimation of the same. That saves you from last minute fixes in case you do not maintain a certain level of inventory.

All your accounting reports, sales statements, purchase records, credit period, etc will be maintained by the software and you can have a look at it at any given point. So you need not worry about hiring a dedicated accounting person to look into the accounting operations. Just install the free trial of the software from here and experience smooth business accounting!

How to manage your small business smoothly with limited resources?

Very often, in a startup or medium scale organization, we come across the problem of defining job roles. For example, a company in the health domain may primarily be made of doctors and medical experts. Then who will handle marketing and HR? Similarly, an HR recruitment firm will consist of HR professionals and there is no specific person handling finances and social media for the company. In a big company, one can hire resources on a permanent basis and the work flows smoothly. However, in small companies, the priority is to build the core team first with those who have the relevant expertise and then look at other departments.

In most cases, the functional departments are still formed or the job is assigned to someone. However, consider the following tasks that every big and small company requires but are often ignored:

  • Social media marketing
  • Brand building
  • Online reputation management
  • Public relations
  • Content writing
  • Digital presence (website, etc)

These are just some of the tasks that are essential today more than ever. But it’s only justified that a company does not have enough resources and time to spend on these along with working on the core tasks.

So what is the way out? Most enterprises got for the option of hiring contract employees who can do the job and take a fee for it. This saves the startup the trouble of taking in employees and bears their cost on a permanent basis.

However, what if you could reduce this cost too? Wouldn’t it be great if you could just make a small one-time investment and would get all this managed for you? was formed to serve the small and medium organizations and has launched products that are specifically designed to meet the needs of traders and other SME players. bizTrader is a package that is a one click solution to all the above mentioned tasks in any company. It’s simple, easy to install and the most cost effective way of managing business.

It not only performs marketing related functions but also manages inventory and accounting functions that are otherwise complicated to manage. Thus it is an essential tool for anyone who is managing a trading firm or any other SME.

One can have a free trial of the product at

What are you waiting for?

Hope & prayers

The recent mayhem in Uttarakhand is a great loss to our country, its people and humanity on the whole. I feel sorry and helpless for the loved ones of those stuck in the mountains without any access to shelter, telephone, food and most of all, surety and safety.

Times like these scare most of us. Either the tragedy has stricken someone we know or we fear what if it did strike us. Everything is so uncertain and untrustworthy today, grappling us with fear at all times and in every way.

I wonder if no weather forecast was made before the havoc started, and if it were made, did we choose to ignore it? Because if authorities did choose to ignore the warning signs, that’s the biggest failure for us. We cannot trust those who are making the big decisions for us and our future.

If we go by the reports and the visuals on TV, it’s a tragedy that will affect all of us in some way, somewhere. A friend’s brother, a relative’s uncle, a distant acquaintance, a close buddy – we all have a real life story when a tragedy this big lands on our country.

I am not sure who is to be blamed at this hour – is it the insensitive ecology that we have made that has misbalanced the environment, the inefficient and greedy government offices that did not pay heed to the meteorological signs, the unpreparedness of the rescue team or destiny of the ones who are perhaps constantly praying to just get out of it alive.

Many do not know if their acquaintances stuck there are dead or alive. They are just waiting to hear from them, just a word on their well being.

While we cannot give up on life because of tragedies that make us question our faith in the Almighty, what we can do best is to give hope and prayers to those who need it the most in these difficult times.

May all be well and strength be given to everyone dealing with this.

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What’s bothering you?

Every day I observe that I go through varied set of emotions or mental and physical states – happy, excited, motivated, dejected, tired, disappointed, upset, angry and the list goes on! It also makes me wonder that any other person who I work with or even in my personal life must be going through the same wave of feelings and emotions on any given day.

Isn’t that mind boggling that all of us are subject to this wave of emotions and it has a direct effect on  our work and life in general. For example, if I am upset with someone in my personal life because of an argument and go for an important meeting in that mood, it may not turn out to be as successful as it could have, had I been in a good mood. Similarly, if I had a bad day at work, I may be rude to my family when I go back home. A personal grudge against someone at work may hamper my professional equation with the person. In the same manner, all the people around us are affected by these things all the time.

It makes me wonder how nice it would be if we were constantly in a happy mood or at least a neutral mental state. It would not only help us achieve more personally and professionally but also give us a chance to think logically. Many a times, in the heat of the moment, we might end up making decisions that we eventually regret. All this can be avoided if we maintain a stable mood.



Is that really possible? Not if everything bothers us. There are situation in life that one needs to really get out of, do some firefighting or take a pro-active decision. But in many cases, if you think, we just keep worrying about trivial issues that may not even matter after 2 days. The thing, something as simple as spending 15 minutes on deciding what to eat for lunch not only wastes time but also builds up stress because you are under ‘pressure’ to choose the best dish or make the best choice from the options available. This is just a small example. But during a day, we have to make a lot of choices and if every choice stresses us, we are building a monster that affects us over all.

Someone once told me that only things that will have an effect on your life even after three years are worth worrying about. Can you imagine? If we leave out the major business decisions and personal decisions, most of the matters that we are worrying about at this very moment will hold no effect on our lives after three months, leave alone three years.

If we practice the art of avoiding worries for unimportant matters, we will save a lot of time, energy and be able to maintain a stable mood too!

Many times someone may hurt us emotionally by their words or actions – is it going to affect us after three years? I doubt it will. Then should we spend time on it worrying? I think we shouldn’t.

I practice this ‘after three years effect’ on all life situations and increasingly I feel less worried, more focused and more energetic to deal with the bigger decisions and issues. The idea is to not worry but think logically for everything big and small.

If you are able to practice this too, you are on the road to achieve much more than you do already!

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Here’s how you can stay positive all the time!

How often have you heard the phrase, ‘be positive’, “think positive”, “stay positive”, etc. But does that really make a difference to you? Do you ever take that advice seriously and think about how to implement it?

I never knew what ‘being positive’ actually means till I got down to implementing it in my day to day life. That’s when I realized, positive thinking is not a concept but a way of living. It has to become your nature and outlook towards every situation, big or small.



So what does being positive mean? To understand this, all you have to do is believe in the fact that your thoughts can control your world and everything that is a part of it. Now would you let bad thoughts shape your world or only positive ones? Being negative will lead to just anticipation of happiness after the problems are over. Whereas, being positive gives you happiness right at this very moment. This is so because no matter which situation you are in, you believe that something good will happen or something good will come out of the existing situation.

The saying, “as you sow, so you reap” holds very true when it comes to your mind. What you feed your mind is what comes out of it. Give it good and healthy thoughts to chew upon!

Being positive is not just about your thoughts but also about what you say. “Don’t worry” is a worrisome phrase! It consists of two negative words – don’t and worry. Replace it with “stay calm” or “stay relaxed” and you feel the effect of these words on you. It’s a great habit to replace negative words with their positive counterparts. The outcome is much more calming and effective. Some more examples are “do not fear” which can be replaced with “stay strong” “have courage”, etc. You will see that the more you use positive words in your speech, the more positivity you will attract towards yourself.

Being positive is definitely easier said than done. You might pledge to be positive as you read this, but when faced with a difficulty, you might just forget about it all together. In these cases, you need to remind yourself to stay positive. A good way is to read a good book on positive thinking and make it your bible. Carry it with yourself wherever you go and refer to it when dealing with an unfavorable situation. Things will instantly seem easier.

I am sharing all this here because being positive has been a major support through my struggling years as an entrepreneur. It has helped me to remain sane and wise even during tough times. My advice: the sooner you start the earlier you will achieve the constant state of thinking positive thoughts.

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Why dream big?

Growing up, we used to think that someday we will make it big in life, earn lots of money, roam around in fancy cars and travel across the world. We also dream of becoming a space pilot or the president of the country or a professional scuba diver. But as we grow older, we realize that there are many limitations that we are bound by. We are made to believe that we must dream limited dreams, we must be ‘realistic’, and we must be sensible before we draw our ultimate life goals.

It’s only when we grow up do we have these limitations because as kids, we have unlimited possibilities and we ‘believe’ that we can achieve the impossible.

Think about it, what if we always lived with the belief that ‘everything is achievable’.  Would it not be wonderful to live with a big target in mind, an impossible dream, an ‘unrealistic’ goal?

Dreaming big, even for a startup, is not expensive! ;)

You might wonder how that will help. Well, there’s a good chance that if you aim for the moon, you might end up with the stars. Unless my goal is to become ‘world’s leading local B2B search engine’ I cannot hope to achieve to be the best in my city or my country. To grow big, one has to dream bigger.

Let’s take a simple example. Imagine if you had to become the best ‘grocery store’ in the world. Would you not find out what are the best industry practices for a grocery store, what are the ways to make buyer experience smooth, who are your competitors, what are they doing better, etc. Once you have this research in place, you will start implementing different processes to make yourself better. And once you have implemented them, you will automatically be the best in your city or even several cities and eventually the best in the country. Isn’t that a great achievement for a grocery store? But that was only possible because it was competing with the world. If the goal was to be ‘the best in my locality’, it would have remained only that – the best in the locality. The growth, in that case, would be limited. But by being best in the country, he is now ready to take on the world.

Don’t you think the Walmarts, the McDonalds, the Microsofts of the world dared to dream big and eventually achieved it too. If McDonald’s had not wanted to take on the world, it would have remained a small burger-selling outlet that would have been popular only in its vicinity. Now think of all the local burger joints that you think serve better burgers than McDonald’s but they are just small. Because, probably, they are scared of the competition and do not even wish to dream big. But as I mentioned above, dreaming big is not expensive. In fact, it costs nothing at all! Give it a try. For all you know, you could be writing the next big success story.

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